Introducing Alice Chandler - Jewellery Maker.

Alice Chandler jewellery maker

Alice Chandler is a young, versatile artist and jeweller based in Leeds. After graduating with a degree in Sculpture from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 and exhibiting work across the UK, Alice started designing and making silver handmade jewellery and found herself a new passion. An extension of Alice’s art practice, everyday objects, shape, line, material, and composition similarly inform her designs. Her modern jewellery designs are fun and fresh, a bit like Alice herself!

In her spare time, Alice is a huge running geek she even owns a fancy running watch! She completed her first full marathon a couple of years ago in Amsterdam. Crazy as she is she's even planning to do another one as soon as she can… Alice also loves growing things and has filled every inch of her tiny (concrete) front yard with plants! As well as going to festivals, when we were allowed to do such things, hanging out with her dogs, collecting unusual objects, (mainly plates and bowls – charity shop finds are her favourite sorts of treasure) and watching coronation street/reality TV  which is her guilty pleasure.