The unexpected Christmas present. 

This time last year I found out I was pregnant with baby Mabel. I had all these plans for 2017 and suddenly everything changed.

I was going to get fit, I was going to ride horses again, I was going to get stuck in at the bench after my time off with baby Arthur. I had a million ideas and a whole new collection bursting out of my brain and I was really excited to be back at work properly. One curious pee on a stick later and everything shifted.  

Making changes. 

So I shelved the horse riding, changed the get fit plans to getting ‘birth fit’ plans and bought my third birthing ball. I felt sick and I chubbed up.

I put into action a plan I’d been chewing over for some time. I wanted to create a really beautiful platform for really talented and really lovely jewellers, who make really beautiful jewellery, with really beautiful photography and really beautiful products. I was excited! I had a new baby growing in my big belly and a new idea blossoming in my busy brain!

Beautiful handmade jewellery made by really lovely people.

I envisioned an online platform that was for jewellers by jewellers, providing the best possible online service for customers who love silver and gold handmade jewellery. Now with a new baby on the way I thought I could use my time away from the bench to implement this new idea and could be the start of a whole new chapter for Pink Butterfly.

It was a rather larger task than I had anticipated and I hit a few hitches, but in August I birthed my beautiful baby girl and in November I launched my new website. Two beautiful babies were born this year. Maybe this year I’ll get on a horse. Thanks 2017, you totally blew my socks off...