What inspired this collection/your work?

Having originally trained as a silversmith, I discovered ceramics during my time as a tutor at a school for the creative arts. Within my work I like to explore ways to create unique textures and contrasts and am often influenced by traditional metal work techniques, textures and finish.

In contrast to my years working in metal, I find working with porcelain clay a much more of a tactile experience. When developing a new idea, I find the best method is to work instinctively with my hands, to allow the material itself to reveal its form.

In terms of design, my aim is to create jewellery that works in harmony with the wearer. To elevate not overtake their own individual style.

What do you love most about making artisan jewellery?

The thing I love most about creating jewellery is working with customers to make unique commission pieces. The idea that something I create can bring joy to others is a real privilege. When exploring a new idea or intricately sculpting a commission I am completely at peace with the world around me.

What is your least favourite thing about making jewellery for a living?

There's nothing I don't love about making jewellery for a living. Although tax returns are a bit of a faff.

Where are you based in the country, where did you start out?

I am currently based in a lovely village just west of Cambridge. I was born and bred in the East of England and have always been a Fen girl at heart. I studied for my BA in Jewellery Design in Farnham, Surrey which is equally as leafy and lovely as Cambridgeshire. I've never been too comfortable in big cities and thrive living the simple life out in the sticks.

What does your creative space look like?

Although affectionally referred to as the studio, my working area is actually a rather shabby second hand Ikea desk and chest of drawers in our spare room upstairs. It's really important to keep things clean and tidy when working with gold liquid lustres so I'm quite fastidious about cleaning down my working area in between the different stages of the making process.

How would you describe your own sense of style?

My own style very much reflects that of my jewellery. I prefer simple, understated colours, often leaning toward a minimalist aesthetic but with a splash of subtle eye-catching detail such as my pink lippy or favourite white and gold studs.

What is your favourite outfit and what jewellery would you wear with it?

I am most comfortable in my jeans and a plain coloured t-shirt or shirt. Almost all of my designs can be work with this simple combination but can easily be dresses up for an evening out. My favourite thing to wear, and I wear them almost every day, is my white and gold Brave Studs. They literally go with anything and are so light weight you don't know you're wearing them.

Who inspires you?

A. I find endless inspiration online or back when it was allowed in galleries and craft shops, looking at the work of other contemporary craft artists and jewellery designers. My favourite designer at the moment is Cassie Sharman of Cassie Sharman Ceramics. She is doing the most beautiful, intricate things with porcelain, making these large sculptural vessels inspired by classic brick work. Thank goodness Instagram doesn't have a stalker alert built in.

Do you have any workshop company?

My young cat Bella likes shiny things and likes be close to me while I work. She keeps me company. I like to listen to music when I work. My musical tastes are eclectic and I listen to everything from Enya to Eminem.

What is/are your career highlights?

Being accepted as one of the The Jewellery Makers has got to be up there with my proudest achievements since starting my small independent jewellery business. I also had a lovely recent commission from a nice man who bought a pair of earrings for his wife. He asked me to make a matching pair of porcelain cufflinks for him to wear when they are out together. #husbandgoals

What is your favourite piece in your collection?

My favourite piece from my collection is the Monochrome and gold semicircle studs. They are so cute and eye-catching and monochrome is bang on trend right now.

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