Chainmaille Encircled Hook Earrings by Laura Brookes, image property of THE JEWELLERY MAKERS
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Chainmaille Encircled Hook Earrings by Laura Brookes

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Circles, circles everywhere!

This earrings are formed using a Mobius chainmaille technique to weave the circles together and create a design that is reminiscent of a Celtic knot, suspended inside a silver circle.

These earrings are sleek and beautiful, not too long or too short. They have lots of movement and shine, and are a winner with lots of women for lots of occasions.

The earrings are approximately 5cm in length.

The earrings and fittings are made from 925 solid Sterling Silver.

Packaged in a simple, elegant, grey 'The Jewellery Makers' box, with our logo hot foiled on the top in silver.

To clean silver, use a phosphate-free detergent or non-abrasive cloth made for cleaning jewellery - these cloths come with a built in jewellery cleaner.

There are also some preventative steps you can take. Cleaning it regularly is one way to avoid tarnish, but another way is to wear your jewellery often! Make sure you put on your jewellery last – after makeup, hairspray and perfume to avoid tarnishing and ensure you take your jewellery off before swimming or coming into contact with harsh chemicals, like those in hot tubs, hair dyes and perfumes. Store away from direct sunlight in a jewellery box.

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