Personalised rainbow necklace with a silver heart, by Emma White of THE JEWELLERY MAKERS
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I kinda think you're amazing - Charity Personalised Rainbow Necklace by Emma White

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Who do you know that needs a reminder of how amazing they are?

We are so fortunate to have so many heroes that are looking out for us. Key workers, friends, family, or just someone who has our back and lifts us when we need to laugh, or share a glass of wine, over a dodgy wifi connection on Zoom. Who has been your own personal hero?

Unfortunately not everyone is in a good place though, domestic abuse is on the rise. In response to this, I designed two Charity necklaces to raise money for an important lifeline of a charity based in my hometown of Leeds. Leeds Women's Aid provides support for women and children who need a safe place to go. 

*For every one of these sold £25 will go to LEEDS WOMAN'S AID*

This beautiful silver and copper necklace, has an important message and is also a beautiful piece of jewellery in it's own right. With a big striking rainbow shining over the silver heart, this unusual handmade necklace is a symbol of hope and makes a wonderful gift for someone who is working hard to support those around them. Have our message or personalise this necklace with your words, please keep you message to a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces. I can stamp letters or numbers, dots (.) and ampersand (&). Please do get in touch with any questions!

There are so many people working hard on the frontline, putting themselves at risk to help others. There are others working to provide the rest of us with the services and things we need to be able to stay home. There are also those who are doing their best in very difficult circumstances, managing families, homeschooling, working from home without their usual support, striving to keep businesses alive and incomes intact. It's a tough time and never a better one to tell someone you admire that they are doing a really good job and that you think that they are 'kinda amazing'!

This necklace is approximately 3cm wide and 2cm high, it comes on a variety of different chain lengths and two chain weights.

This necklace is predominately made from sterling silver two with stripes of copper in the rainbow. The chain and all the fittings are sterling silver.

This necklace comes in one of our gorgeous matt grey boxes branded with our logo in stylish silver foil.

Silver should be stored away from light and heat to keep it looking its best. Silver and copper will tarnish over time and can discolour if they come into contact with chemicals or even react to acid in perfume and some beauty products. We recommend you put your jewellery on last when you are getting ready to go out and take it off for sleeping, washing and swimming, to keep it in tip top condition.

Any build up or tarnish is easily cleaned via one of the following methods: A good old fashioned wash with an old toothbrush and some soap (take care with any leather products not to scrub too hard); a rub with a 'Goddards Silver Cloth' which is impregnated with polish; a quick (10 seconds) dip in 'Goddards Silver Dip', followed by a quick dip in hot water and a brush with soap, using an old toothbrush, then buffed dry with a soft cloth.

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