Handmade Silver and Gold Earrings

If you want to make a statement and get noticed, what better way than with handmade silver earrings or fabulous, abstract brass studs? You will love our range of distinctive and stylish earrings. We will have something a little bit different for you, to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Our jewellery designers come from around the country, all from different walks of life and backgrounds, and they each bring their life experiences and inspiration into their unique jewellery designs. 

You won’t find your average, store-bought earrings here — our handmade silver and gold earrings are one-of-a-kind. We've got gorgeous ivy-twist post earrings, silver with twisted gold details, vibrant pops of colour in our halo silver and enamel earrings and pretty and modern silver and resin red heart studs, perfect for everyday.

How to Find Your Ideal Pair of Handmade Silver Earrings and Handmade Gold Earrings

Our jewellery designers have put a great deal of love, thought and attention into these handmade earrings and it shows — browse our collections and spoil yourself today. Or find that perfect gift for someone really special. Some things — like our handmade earrings — can’t be replicated, so if you’re unwilling to settle for second-best, buy a gorgeous pair of earrings today. 

If you’re looking to complement your handmade earrings with another item of jewellery, check out our stunning range of handmade necklaces and rings. New customers will receive 15% off their first order and free delivery.