Introducing Elin Mair - Jewellery Maker

Established since 2011, designer-maker Elin Mair creates feminine, dainty jewellery and memorable keepsakes.  She works with a fascinating material; Precious Metal Clay (PMC), also known as Silver Clay. 

PMC is a combination of organic binders, water and microscopic recycled particles of silver.  The clay is hand-formed into a shape and the desired texture added, before being dried, sanded and then fired in a kiln. The firing process removes the binder and fuses the metal into a solid form. Post-firing, all the soldering work can begin, where the pieces are transformed into wearable designs.

Working with PMC is quite different from traditional silver smithing as it requires a different set of skills, ones that tap into those of potters and sculptors, and is ultimately more environmentally friendly. Over the past nine years Elin’s method of working has changed significantly.  She has been exploring 3D CAD design to produce her signature feminine and floral jewellery, whilst drawing on the original inspiration of her beautiful floral sketches and love of Silver Clay, her jewellery collection is constantly evolving. I wonder where she will go next.