Introducing Emma White - Jewellery Maker, Head Honcho, Waffler.

Thanks for visiting The Jewellery Makers, I hope you like it here in my world of artisan handmade jewellery. I'm Emma, I've been working in the jewellery trade for about 20 years now. I am absolutely crazy about all things jewellery. I love to wear it, to make it, to buy it, to sell it. I love old jewellery, new jewellery, vintage finds, minimal jewellery and downright fussy jewellery, mostly i am excited about handmade, unusual jewellery that has been designed with love and attention to detail.

My Work

My own work is inspired by texture, poetry, family, I love little details added or stamped on gold or silver and celebrating those we love and the people and places that make us tick. i am all about people and their stories and inspired by the tales that the jewellery we wear tells about us. I love working in silver and gold and also have ventured into the world of platinum on request. I make a lot of silver personalised bangles, necklaces and bracelets. I make jewellery in my very lovely studio, around my young family. Yes, I am also a busy mum. I have 3 children under 9 and am also a step mum to 3 other wonderful people, life is fun in our house! If you follow us on FB or Instagram you will hear all about them.