Introducing Helen Shere - Jewellery Maker

Standing at around 5ft tall, Helen Shere describes herself as "striking an (un)imposing figure. wielding a hammer at the bench". This self taught jeweller is happiest designing and making jewellery inspired by her surroundings. Her current surroundings are the red brick, Victorian terraced houses and gardens found lining the streets of Carrington and Sherwood in Nottingham, where she is based. As such, leafy motifs, seasonal designs and garden birds often feature in her work, as well as the reddish colour of copper.

Helen enjoys being able to offer jewellery to fit any size, regardless of how big or small, at no extra cost, after being frustrated herself at not fitting the ‘standard’ size.

When not making jewellery, Helen’s favourite way to pass the time is with family and friends, something nice to drink and some good food on the table.