In the Garden is a collection of contemporary jewellery inspired by nature in an urban landscape. Made by our talented Jewellery Maker, Helen Shere, Helen lives in a leafy Victorian suburb of Nottingham. Her current surroundings are the red brick, Victorian terraced houses and gardens found lining the streets of Carrington and Sherwood. Leafy motifs, seasonal designs and garden birds often feature in her work, as well as the reddish colour of copper. Recent additions to the range are more floral, with a nod to the ever changing seasonal flowers that pop up in gardens and wild spaces, even in the most built up of places. Helen works with stamping to create the distinctive modern look to her jewellery, using patinas to create depth and pattern, whilst maintaining a sensitive drawn feel to her pieces. Helen's work is charming and feminine and executed to the highest standards. They are pieces that will stand the test of time and look great for many years to come.

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