Introducing Leigh Shepherd - Jewellery Maker.

Leigh works from her studio in Haworth, West Yorkshire. She is the creator of an unusual and distinctive range of resin jewellery. Her passion for upcycling and a desire to make affordable, quirky pieces has inspired her to make this gorgeous collection. Earrings are based on sixpence coins, pendants on Scrabble tiles and brooches on draughts and dominoes! Silkscreened papers and resin create jewel-like colours in the Japanese range. 

The Cottage Garden Collection features Leigh's own ink drawings encapsulated forever in a layer of clear resin. "My drawings are inspired by my I love of gardens, I love to go walking to collect leaves, seed and natures treasures that feed my imagination and my ideas that then appear in my jewellery collection."

Leigh keeps her pieces ready in stock and usually posts same day so her pieces are available on a 3 day delivery. 

Leigh Shepherd