*NEW - online tutorials!*

All of our face to face classes and workshops are currently suspended because of the COVID-19 virus. 

However I have just added our first FREE ONLINE project! This is a beginner project using the tools you will have already at home in an everyday DIY toolbox, you will also need some wire, which you might have at home or if not can buy it here and I will post it to you. The video is still in the creation stage and will be available w/c 20th April. To be notified of the video going live please join the mailing list (link below)

I am developing a whole new online learning resource, to offer online courses for beginners to advanced students, if you would like to know more, please join the mailing list via the link below.

Alternatively you can purchase a voucher here if you would like to join us for a face to face class or workshop at a later date. Your support and understanding is hugely appreciated at this strange and worrying time. Stay safe everyone, Emma xx


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