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Oxidised (Black) and (White) Silver Assorted Disc Necklace sewn with Gold thread by Sara Bukumunhe

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This necklace is dramatic and perfect for nights out or complete a daytime look to just feel WOW!

This sterling silver necklace has 6 various sized ‘pebbles’. Some are silver and some have been oxidised, with a metallic gold thread sewn through.

This Sewn-Up range was inspired by my usual seaside holiday collection of pebbles, the ones with a line of white quartz running through them. I wanted to recreate these in a more wearable form. I have embossed pebble shaped discs of silver with a subtle texture and for contrast, added a shot of colour using bright bold embroidery threads.


The ‘pebbles’ on this necklace vary in size, from approx 14mm by 9mm for the smallest one to approximately 25mm by 35mm for the biggest. These sizes may vary as each piece is handmade.

Made from

This necklace is handmade from 925 sterling silver sheet and sterling silver belcher chain. 

It can be ordered 16” long or 18”. 


Your jewellery will arrive in a lovely simple gift box. 


Some care should be taken when wearing this jewellery to protect the thread from damage. Sara will replace worn out thread by request and for the cost of postage. Full product care information will be included with your purchase.

Estimated Delivery: 7 days UK DELIVERY ONLY