Pamuya - Antique Silver Spoon Ring by Evie Milo, Milomade. Image property of THE JEWELLERY MAKERS.
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Pamuya - Antique Silver Spoon Ring by Evie Milo

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Wear a piece of history today with this beautiful and unique handcrafted spoon ring named PAMUYA.

Pamuya translates as Water Moon and is a perfect name for this ring which has a decorative end depicting a beautiful full moon design that is encircled by tiny little fishes.

Did you know I was once a teaspoon? I was originally made in 1906 by Walker & Hall in Sheffield, that make me over 100 years old!

This salvaged antique sterling silver teaspoon comes in a limited edition set of 6 rings and there are only four left in stock.

An antique patina has been applied to the silver which turns the whole ring black. The ring is then polished and the raised surfaces of the design are revealed leaving the recesses black making the designs stand out.

At the widest point these are 1cm across and taper to 3mm at the narrowest point. They have a linear and geometric design to them and feel smooth and comfortable to wear.

Available in UK sizes P to T only. The rings are not soldered closed and so can be adjusted slightly. This makes it particularly easy to give as a gift!

A solid silver vintage teaspoon, hallmark dated 1906, making it 102 years old!

Each ring retains the original hallmark and comes with a provenance card that outlines the original maker as well as the city and year the teaspoon was assayed – all packaged in a beautifully simple, stylish glassine envelope. All environmentally friendly, recyclable and plastic free from production to presentation.

Oxidised silver needs minimal cleaning and an occasional wipe with a silver cleaning cloth is sufficient.

Store the piece in its glassine bag or within a ziplock bag.

It is not recommended to use a silver dip solution as this will remove the oxidisation from the silver.

Estimated Delivery: 7 days UK DELIVERY ONLY