Hand stamped personalised jewellery is the perfect present.

Making it personal, makes it thoughtful and the perfect gift for your favourite women. Having a piece of jewellery personalised makes your gift even more special. Add your favourite mantra, slogan or a word that says something about the wonderful women in your life. Our silver Power Pebble Collection can be stamped with 'Strong''Happy''Loved', or a mantra like 'You got this!' to keep us strong when times are tough, and boy have they been tough this year! Choose from our selection of words and phrases, or choose your own.

Have a longer message on your personalised necklace or bangle.

We also have the perfect collection for a longer message or a private sentiment. Our Tiny Text Collection is stamped with teeny tiny 1mm high letters, which can be read up close but not from far away, the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you for only them to read. From our top selling Tiny Text Necklace to the popular Tiny Text Double bangle, there is something for everyone. You can choose your own longer message or even specify song lyrics, a poem or a favourite quote. 

Silver initial necklaces make a simple, elegant statement.

The other way to make it personal is to keep it simple! Our Silver Letters are chunky, decorative letters of the alphabet, simple font with a flower decoration, hung on a simple silver chain, a classic necklace easy to wear everyday, easy to give. A modern necklace that will appeal to your mum, your sister, your wife and your daughter. 

We are experts in hand stamped jewellery, its been a key part of our business since the beginning and even before, when our head honcho Emma studied for her degree she spent hours stamping quotes from Romeo and Juliet and Alice in Wonderland into silver vessels! So stamping letters is in our blood! Read more about the journey here.