Introducing Sally Ratcliffe - Jewellery Maker.

Sally spent her early years running around fields in her beloved countryside near Ruthin, North Wales. Lovely memories, created with family, still inform Sally's designs today. Now, having learnt to appreciate the countryside again as an adult, through her outdoor pursuits of sailing and rock climbing, her designs have developed around her fascination of nature and its strengths, growth, decay and evolution.

Sally has been designing and making jewellery since 1987. She works mainly in silver, reticulating the surface to give a more natural, organic feel to her pieces. The jewellery and artwork is embellished with gemstones and gold detail.

All the work is made in her Sheffield workshop. Where she enjoys endless cups of weak tea, made like dishwater, (no builders brew welcome thank you very much) and listening to radio two, whilst making every piece of jewellery from start to finish herself.