Silver Personalised 'Mighty Oaks' Necklace, with copper leaf by Emma White

Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

I created this special necklace for my son's teacher last year, A few of the mums felt that she had given our children such wonderful care and attention that they asked me to make her something from us, children and parents. I was really delighted to come up with this piece, she took such care with my crazy, loud and overly emotional little boy, I felt that she really 'got' him and adapted her teaching to each of the children perfectly to meet their needs. I loved making this for her! So Miss Dean, you inspired this whole range! Thank you again!

A teacher is such an important role in a child's life, they spend so much time with our small people and they hold a powerful place in their lives. Who remembers their favourite teacher, the one who inspired you, who lifted you, who taught you about more than just the curriculum but about life and how to navigate through the tricky times at school?

This silver wraparound necklace, with it's tiny copper leaf decoration makes a wonderful gift to show your appreciation to that person who you feel has contributed to your child's growth and supported them in their time together. This one can be personalised with your own message, something from the class perhaps or something to remind the teacher of those children who have gifted it, after all we often club together to buy something special for a favourite teacher. 

The writing is teeny tiny, only 1mm high, so your message is subtle and can be read close up but is not obvious to everyone, perfect for a private message. This handmade necklace can be worn and appreciated often, not just in school. And hey it's not exclusive to teachers, it is also a beautiful necklace that looks great on anyone!

Made from

The wrap is silver and the little leaf is copper. The chain and findings are all silver. 

Each leaf is cut from a stencil taken from a real oak leaf, each leaf is a little bit different, but the one pictured gives you a good idea of what to expect. 


The wrap is approximately 1.5cm across, it is curled around to make a loop and the chain is hung through it so it moves as you do.  The chain comes in various lengths. Please keep your message to 28 characters long, including spaces. I can stamp letters and numbers, dots and '&', commas and apostrophes - we don't want to hand over something with an error to a teacher now do we? ;) The letters are all uppercase and are enamelled in black. Please do get in touch if you have any more questions.


A quick rub with a silver cloth will keep it looking bright and shiny.


This comes in one of our matt grey boxes, hot foiled with THE JEWELLERY MAKERS logo in silver, with a card printed with the saying 'Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow'.

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