Silver Chainmaille Cascade Earrings by Laura Brookes, image property of THE JEWELLERY MAKERS
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Silver Chainmaille Cascade Earrings by Laura Brookes

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Movement and a beautiful shine.

These Cascade earrings feature on of the traditional chainmaille techniques seen in European armour. These earrings ripple when you move and feel lovely on the body.

These lightweight earrings are perfect for someone who likes a piece of history behind their jewellery - the same design was used in European chainmaille armour - it won't protect you from a jab from a sword but it will brighten up any outfit! These chain mail silver earrings will catch the light and look amazing with any outfit.

Approximately 6cm long

925 solid Sterling Silver jump rings and findings

Packaged in a smart grey box with THE JEWELLERY MAKERS silver foil logo.

To clean silver, use a phosphate-free detergent or non-abrasive cloth made for cleaning jewellery - these cloths come with a built in jewellery cleaner.

There are also some preventative steps you can take. Cleaning it regularly is one way to avoid tarnish, but another way is to wear your jewellery often! Make sure you put on your jewellery last – after makeup, hairspray and perfume to avoid tarnishing and ensure you take your jewellery off before swimming or coming into contact with harsh chemicals, like those in hot tubs, hair dyes and perfumes. Store away from direct sunlight in a jewellery box.

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