Silver 'Honest' Pebble by Emma White

Speak with honesty, act with integrity...

Honesty to tell how it is, freedom to speak from the heart, knowing how to be honest whilst still being kind, honesty is the measure of a true friend, a genuine person, a good human. Sometimes the hardest form of honesty is being honest with ourselves, knowing when we are kidding ourselves that we are ok, when we are not, honesty can be HARD, but so necessary. Wear it like a badge, live it every day. 

This gorgeous handmade silver necklace is tactile and reassuring to touch, it is smooth and rounded and provides a touchstone to remind ourselves of our strengths when we need them most. Wear it and feel it and know it is your truth.

As worn by Vicki Psarias, 'Honest Mum', Author of 'Mumboss' and blogger and TV personality.


Approximately 3.5cm across, with a lovely solid weight, each one is slightly different, just like the pebbles on the beach...This larger pebble comes on a mid weight silver chain, as opposed to the finer chain of the smaller pebbles. The links are approximately 2.5mm across. If you'd prefer an even heavier one please get in touch for a quote.

Made from

Solid 925 sterling silver throughout.


We package everything in our stylish, grey cardboard boxes, hot foiled with our logo in silver. If you like we can send it straight to your gift recipient, please let us know and we can pop in a message for you too.


Silver should be stored away from light and heat to keep it looking its best. Silver will tarnish over time and can discolour if it comes into contact with chemicals or even react to acid in perfume and some beauty products. We recommend you put your jewellery on last when you are getting ready to go out and take it off for sleeping, washing and swimming, to keep it in tip top condition. 

Any build up or tarnish is easily cleaned via one of the following methods: A good old fashioned wash with an old toothbrush and some soap (take care with any leather products not to scrub too hard); a rub with a 'Goddards Silver Cloth' which is impregnated with polish; a quick (10 seconds) dip in 'Goddards Silver Dip', followed by a quick dip in hot water and a brush with soap, using an old toothbrush, then buffed dry with a soft cloth. We do not recommend creams as they get stuck in the grooves.

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