Angel Wing Oxidised Pendant by Fi Mehra, silver and gold keum boo with a fresh water dark pearl in the hand
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Small Angel Wing Oxidised Silver and Gold Keum Boo Pendant by Fi Mehra

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A delicate angel wing hangs on a silver chain, perfect to set her heart all a flutter.

Made of silver, which has been treated to go black in parts, there are bursts of warm gold contrasting with the dark silver, Layered on with a technique called Keum-Boo, the gold is fused onto the silver, making each one slightly different. A dark freshwater pearl finished the drop perfectly.


The drop is 4cm long from hook to the bottom of the pearl. The chain can be 16 or 18 inches long, but if you need something different just let us know!


Comes in a sleek gift box, ready to gift.


Estimated Delivery: 7 days UK DELIVERY ONLY